Who We Are

» Since 1994, Eduware has strived to build the required tools, develop adequate services, and was able to create a dynamic momentum for helping schools to prepare for the 21st century learning requirements, and in particular those requirements related to the use of technology in education, by bringing innovation, experience, and accomplishment to all participating stakeholders.

» To date, our group has a well-established reputation in different countries for computer-based schooling solutions and is proud to have a portfolio of more than 1500 public schools while servicing more than 300 private schools, educational organizations, ministry of education, and executing projects for the European Union, UNPD, and more being added.

NTC Eduware LLC

Our Mission

  • To provide world class expertise on using technology for simplifying and improving schooling systems.
  • To help support leadership plans and strategies for change, management, and streamlining implementations.
  • To develop software for policy, business, and instructional management, as well as to develop content material for teaching students about information and communication technology.
  • To integrate the best industry resources with proper professional development, support services, and advocacy for community outreach and awareness.
NTC Eduware LLC

Our Core Values


We honor intelligence and creativity; we value clarity and measurement as a solid foundation for decision making. We respect the work of researchers, leaders, teachers, parents and students. Our expertise is gained through the contribution of all.


Our recommendations are strategic and evidence-based; our research is conducted honestly and without preconceptions.


We’re both education and technology sector specialists; partners and colleagues with our customers; we share findings and information, and maintain client confidentiality at all times.


We strive towards quality; we value accuracy, consistency and attention to detail.


We stay up-to-date on emerging technologies, pedagogy, skills, content standards and relevant best practices.


We bring creativity and innovation to our work; we focus on serving a strategic purpose; we use data-driven analysis for continuous school improvement.

NTC Eduware LLC

What Business Value Does SIS Have?

  • Eliminates the problem of data duplication as it integrates the registration, financial, grading, and transportation information into one system.
  • Offers collective access to needed information.
  • Presents detailed records of each student, teacher, and administrator in school.
  • Creates a school activity calendar.
  • Registers attendance and problematic absences.
  • Connects the school community, students, teachers, parents and administrators.
  • Allows the principal to use the system information for student progress, financial budgeting control and staffing needs.
  • Assists in managing class, subject, and grading information.
  • Simplifies the time consuming scheduling process.
  • Offers fast retrieval of information and security.
  • Strives to eliminate data errors.

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