School Information System

NTC Eduware LLC has built its School Information System SIS on powerful integrated modular bases with the aim of providing effective solutions for the management of the educational institution in relation to administrators, teachers, parents and students.
Each module handles a specific school administrative function, and offers security and fast retrieval of information.

  • Releases you from multiple platforms.
  • Provides affordable solution for any school.
  • Complete cloud-based school management and information system for small and big schools.
  • Supports the day-to-day operations in schools online from anywhere. Requires only a web browser.
  • Completely automates all school’s operations.
  • Helps efficiently manage and organize student and staff information.
  • Includes mobile application, in addition to a student and parent portal.
  • Dashboard designed to make all information easily accessible to the administration.
  • Gives access to a list of reports for decision-making and analysis.
  • Supports different educational systems.
  • Flexibility for different languages.
  • Time-Saving Features for Efficiency.
SIS modules


All important information at fingertips
  • Predefined page designed to provide high level management with a global view of the school’s activities
  • Includes the general and statistical information of the school, the events, and holidays calendar.
  • Allows easy access to important information: The users can access the most frequently-used pages by giving them instant access from the dashboard to the most important information related to their tasks and responsibilities.

SIS modules

Student Module

The school can fully control and manage all administrative, financial and academic data of its current and previous students

Registration & Tuition

This module allows the documentation of the student and family information, including students’ status, parents, siblings, and contact information, to help the school staff to easily manage all data related to student’s registration.
The ability to easily access accurate records and financial reports are the keys to a successfully efficient school.

One-time registration and documentation of student and family information that can be deployed year after year.
Opens avenues of data communications, decreases errors, and helps in taking correct managerial decisions.
Simplifies the recording of financial transactions, tracks and manages all account receivables and generates numerous financial statements and reports.

Instruction File

Helps the school administrator meet the challenge of organizing, managing, and keeping track of the details of the students’ academic and behavioral records. It provides a greater variety of student evaluation processes.

Allows the administrator to:

  • assign the passing averages
  • select current exams
  • assign elective courses
  • enter grades by class/student
  • Allows the authorized user to view and analyze students’ grades, and can assign subject exemptions for selected student(s).
  • Allows documentation of exam remarks and generating lists of top and failing students by subjects and averages.
  • Evaluates tests and exams and generate reports on grades.
  • Allows the recording of quizzes, exporting test grades to exam reports.
  • Portrays graphical presentations of students’ progress.
  • Helps the user track various behavioral incidents of individual students, schedule follow-up required disciplinary activity, note student rewards and warnings, facilitate follow-up, and generate respective reports.
  • Provides a practical and easy interface tool to recording and reporting both daily and period attendance and/or tardiness.

SIS modules

Learning Management System - LMS

1- A complete Learning Management System platform integrated with NTC Eduware LLC Student Information System (SIS)
2- Designed to make teamwork collaboration easy.
3- It offers different sections: Posts, Files, assignments and online session.

With a few clicks, the teacher can generate his/her teams according to class and subject.

Includes chat functionality between teacher and team members


  • This option makes NTC EduwareLLS LMS stands out from the crowd
  • LMS goes even further in helping teachers save their valuable time either by enabling them to select from existing rubrics displayed in a list format or by giving them the option to create their own Rubrics.
  • Every time a rubric is created and attached to an assignment, it will be automatically saved in the rubric list.
  • To re-use any rubric, just select it from the list.

Assignment/online Assessment

  • Enables teachers to track students’ progress and monitor their performance
  • Integrated with SIS Student Module where assignment and online assessment grades will be recorded.
  • Includes a test builder tool that helps teachers create their tailored online assessments
  • Teacher can create an assignment or an assessment which will appear in the students’ timeline
  • Depending on the status of the assignment, students might be requested to submit their work on time, late, or submit revised work.
  • Students can review the teacher’s feedback of their work and view their grades.

Within a team

  • Teachers can create an online session by specifying the name, description, timelines, recurring options (daily, weekly, custom….) and a link to specify the session address.
  • Teachers can upload learning materials in a variety of formats, whether photos, videos, or document
  • Teachers can share materials in an organized digital file and students can access the file to view and download them.
  • Provides quick access to any external links.


  • Save the teachers and students precious time
  • Designed in a way that shows the student or the teacher’s related data in one place
  • The Assignments/Online assessments, Agenda, Online Sessions, Holidays and Events are displayed in one calendar view

SIS modules

Security Module

Can effectively assure the access of data to authorized users and minimize the tempering with data either accidentally or maliciously.
Maintains the integrity of business information.
Creates an access control with restrictions according to the system user
Allows the “Administrator” user to:

  • manage the system security
  • select and update the roles and permissions of each user.
  • manage the permissions of the users to access the data related to the students.

SIS modules

Staff Management

Why do you need an NTC Eduware LLC Staff Module at your school?

  • Allows the school administration to manage and organize their current and former staff.
  • Holds key information about the staff personal information details, address, email, and job history.
  • Tracks the staff development by keeping records of their certificates
  • Generates easily employees’ ID number
  • With our powerful search option, the administrator can easily search for all staff information showed in a grid.
  • Allows administrator to issue and print staff’s pay slip of a specific month. This feature is available only in case the school is using NTC EduwareLLC School Financial System.
  • Permits the teacher to create a list of the classes he teaches.
  • Makes Calendar access easy for learners and instructors to connect and stay organized. It is a powerful feature to display assignments, assessments, Exam, Quiz, homework agenda, holidays, events, online session (Join a session directly).


Transportation Module

Transportation module contains all the information concerning the school buses, the drivers and the trajectories. The user can easily manage the entire transportation operations. This module includes the details related to the vehicle name, route details, transportation fees, etc.

  • Enable the user to determine the bus stops locations to and from the school
  • Generates username and password for the driver to access Edubus App.
  • Allows the administrator Register a student in a specific bus and to check the list of registered students for each trajectory.


Event Module

Events module contains the information about the school events, messages and announcements.
the administrator can create different events either for the whole school or for a specific group of students.


Notification Module

Notification Module helps keeping the busy parents in touch with their child’s school. It is reliable, and easy to use.
The Notifications are sent via NTC Eduware LLC mobile applications.
The school can depend on the Notification Module to

  • Notify parents about the school’s events
  • Send messages to the parents of either a specific class or the whole school
  • Inform them about their children’s grades, quizzes, behavior, attendance, tardy, installments, and agenda.

Efficient Reporting

NTC Eduware LLC SIS can generate different reports for different modules.

Mobile Applications

EduFlag – EduBus – EduStaff

Improve the communication between schools and parents and students.
  • Allow direct connection with parents, guardians, students, & school staff.
  • Integrated with NTC Eduware LLC School Information System.
  • Create an innovative image of the school
  • Reach busy parents with their children important information.
  • Offer an inventive and efficient way to engage students by providing them with updates about the school news & events.
  • Mobile App is published in the App Store and Google Play Store to download
Moblie Applications


  • Packed with great features including push notification option
  • Parents can easily check their children’s records on a daily basis.
  • Safe as each family will have his/her own username and password.
  • A simple way for the parents to view their children’s progress.
  • Get notified easily about student attendance, behavior, and Grades.
  • Stay up to date with bus routes monitoring.
  • Eduflag includes a Balance Summary window in which parents can check the charges, amounts paid and the balance.
  • And most importantly, they get notifications about the payment due date notice sent by the school.
  • Save Teachers’ valuable time as they can send the parents academic updates.
  • Teachers can assign homework to their students using their agendas with a click of a button.
  • The school can benefit from the Eduflag calendar to notify parents about meetings, trips, etc…
  • Provide access to the school’s social media
Mobile Applications


  • Is a trip progress tracking app.
  • Allows monitoring of the school bus in real-time
  • Used by the bus driver to communicate with parents/students for the daily bus trips.
  • Does not require installing a GPS hardware
  • The driver can verify pickup and drop off from and to home
  • The driver can verify pickup and drop off from and to school
  • Parents receive any details about delays in school bus directly on EduFlag
  • On EduStaff, the trips are shown by descending order of time making it easy to identify which bus did not yet update in order for the school administrator to call the driver to check on his status.

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